Prince William Implies That Kate Middleton Is a Shit Cook

The Royal Duchess of Cambridge is a shining example of human perfection (just lay your eyes on her), but Prince William recently revealed that she has one glaring flaw: She's an awful cook. 

When the couple attended a fundraising dinner, Prince William told a group of chefs that Kate's cooking left something to be desired, the Telegraph reported. 

"William has to put up with my cooking most of the time," the duchess told the chefs.

"It's the reason I'm so skinny," Prince William retorted. Unclear if his dig earned laughs or a rough-yet-playful-looking shove from Kate. 

Associated Press

If you doubt the royal family does its own cooking, you're incorrect. Former palace chef Carolyn Robb told Racked that as of last year, Kate did cook for her family since they have a relatively small household.

Kate's got a mad sweet tooth and loves sticky toffee pudding, according to People. Yet she's known for a mostly healthy diet, often steaming fish and veggies for dinner. The Prince could consider acting like a little less of one and make his own brekkie if he's really got a problem with his wife's kitchen skills (though we're guessing this was all in good fun). 

Only time will tell whether Brexit will mean more home-cooking for the royal family. Whatever happens, we'd happily snack on Kate's burnt scones any day. 

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