Fox News Shows Why It Cannot Be Trusted: Implies Obama Groveled to Libyan President After Ambassador Stevens Was Killed


If you're looking for a reason why lots of people, especially millennials don't trust, and even downright hate Fox News, look no further than a post from Fox Nation -- Fox News' blog -- where bottom-of-the-barrel commentary is the norm. If you ever feel like losing all faith in America, peruse the comments section of just about any story on Fox Nation. It will likely be the nadir of your day. 

Today's abomination features an incendiary headline, accompanied by a clip from Fox News television that shows the headline to be the absurd attention-grabber that it is, and features an indignant conclusion designed to whip the reader up into a frenzy of jingoistic fury against President Obama. Behold:

 Wow. That makes it sound like Obama called Libya's president to thank him because U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Libya. Obama must be a real jerk!

But wait! Let's go to the video tape!

We was punked! Obama was just calling the Libyan president to thank him for his condolences -- a basic sign of etiquette amongst civilized homo sapiens. Of course, none of the cowards at Fox Nation would dare put their names on the post that makes Obama out to be some America-hating, Quran-toting, falafel-eating, anti-colonialist, one-man Muslim sleeper cell. 

This is Exhibit A as to why people hate Fox.