One Chart Reveals the Sheer Absurdity of the Brexit Vote


On Friday morning, millions of people woke up enraged, hurt and confused about Britain's vote on the Brexit referendum and the resignation of the British prime minister. Many Americans responded, "What does that even mean?"

A lot of Britons who voted "Leave" don't know either.

In the hours following the announcement that the U.K. would be leaving the European Union, British people took to Google en masse to ask what would actually happen if the U.K. broke away from the EU:

Google Trends

It appears many Brits voted for something they didn't understand. 

The region Googling "what happens if we leave the EU?" the most was Northern Ireland, a region of the U.K. that firmly voted to remain part of the EU.

But the British have dozens of other questions in the wake of Europe's splintering:

The British people are asking what's going to happen to their currency, which is crashing harder than any currency in modern history. They want to know how they can buy gold. They want to know who's going to be the next leader of their country.

But for some Brits who have been cut off from free travel to 27 other countries, the No. 1 question is how they can get out. In the hours after the Brexit vote, there was a huge spike in Google searches for "getting an Irish passport" in the U.K. 

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