Kevin Bacon Number: Ryan Gosling, Amanda Bynes, and 5 Celebrity Numbers


Want to sacrifice productivity for the rest of your life? Awesome. Let's go. On Thursday, Google launched a fun little feature: Google Bacon. What's that you ask? Well head to Google and you can now play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon with your computer. No, I'm serious. Type in your favorite actor's name, then type in "Bacon Number" ... and boom. You've got answers. 

Well, you've sort of got answers. The program does have it's limitations. I typed in Ron Paul (who was in the film Bruno which stars Sascha Baron Cohen, who appeared in Taladegga Nights with Will Ferrel, who appeared in The Campaign with John Lithgow, who appeared in Footloose with Kevin Bacon ... Ron Paul's Bacon Number is 4) and got nothing. 

But I found other people's number no problemo. Wondering about Ryan Gosling?

How about Glee's reigning bad gal Jane Lynch? 

Now how about something a little more old school ... Judy Garland aka Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz? 

Kevin Bacon knows no limits. Ok, just one more? Tabloid wild child Amanda Bynes? 

Ok now seriously, only one more. Barack Obama? 

From Judy Garland to Barack Obama? Seriously, we are all connected thanks to the magic of Kevin Bacon. Except for you Ron Paul ... at least according to Google.