This London Police Officer Proposing to His Partner at Pride Will Make Your Day


A police officer abandoned his post at the London Pride Parade on Saturday in order to drop a knee and propose to his partner right in the middle of all of the action.

The entire romantic display was caught on tape, and was shared to Facebook by ITV News.

The Metropolitan Police LGBT Network also fired out a tweet on Saturday to let everyone know that, "He said yes." Be honest: didn't you kind of need some good news this week?

For onlookers, the symbol was a welcome symbol of happiness and love in the midst the day's festivities.

And the two men weren't alone: another happy couple had an engagement to celebrate after a another officer proposed to his partner in a completely separate incident.

London's Metropolitan Police Service launched its LGBT support network last week, ahead of the city's Pride celebrations.

Police Chief Anton Brown, the network's chair, said that its inception was the result of 2 years of hard work.

"The Met had been lacking in a LGBT staff association for a number of years and after a lot of hard work the Network was finally launched," Brown said.

"The new staff association will represent LGBT matters in the Met, promoting recruitment and delivering training to LGBT liaison officers," Brown said. "It will also provide access to local and national events, promote reporting and provide support to members who have suffered LGBT crimes or bullying."

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