#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet Isn’t Going the Way Trump Supporters Would’ve Hoped

#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet, a hashtag created to highlight presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's female supporters, was quickly hijacked by people who are less than fond of the businessman-turned-politician and his flock.

The trending topic was started by Twitter user @BakedAlaska, an "influential shitposter" according to his bio.

The hashtag quickly gained traction late Saturday night into Sunday morning, rising to the No. 1 trending topic.

But, the hashtag didn't sit well with many — especially other women. 

Trending topic aside, Trump certainly has a women problem in the polls.

According to an Economist/You Gov poll for June 18 to 20, Hillary Clinton has a double-digit lead over Trump among registered female voters. In March, some polls suggested that more than 70% of women had an unfavorable view of the Donald.

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