8 Reasons Bill Clinton is the Coolest President of All Time


Bill Clinton is enjoying his highest approval ratings ever. Earlier this month, he hit a home run at the Democratic National Convention, successfully energizing Democrats, and has, as a result, been deemed President Obama's "Secretary of Explaining Stuff." While he certainly had a tumultuous political career, Clinton has always seemed to hold onto his cool guy edge. 

Here's an eclectic list of past and present, serious and not-so-serious Bill Clinton cool:

1. He plays the saxophone like a boss:

2. In 1995, he had this moment with then President of Russia Boris Yeltsin:

3. He prevented violence from escalating in Kosovo, thus saving thousands of lives:

In his own words, he stopped "...a dictator in Serbia who has done nothing since the Cold War ended but start new wars and pour gasoline on the flames of ethnic and religious division." 

4. He has won two Grammys, and he really pissed off Glenn Beck when he was nominated for a third:

5. He thinks Lil Wayne has talent and, back in 2010, was happy to see him released from jail and eager to see the rapper move on with his life:

6. He established one of the leading non-profits in the world — the Clinton Foundation — which tackles everything from childhood obesity in America to climate change around the world. In celebrating the Foundation's tenth anniversary, he made this video with the help of the organization's "Celebrity Division":

7. Despite not being Commander-in-Chief at the time, Clinton was able to secure the release of two American journalists taken captive in North Korea and stood humbly on the sidelines during the press conference:

8. He's married to Hillary Clinton and there's absolutely no doubt that he never would have become president of the United States without this woman by his side. She has supported him through thick and (very) thin and remains one of the world's strongest leaders: