Sam Bacile Sparks Middle East Powder Keg: As Arab World Ignites, Media Seems to Only Care About Ripping Mitt Romney


According to the liberal mainstream media on Wednesday, a truly horrific and tragic event occurred — one that deserves universal condemnation and swift retaliation. Justice will be served for the evil that was perpetrated on that day, and rightfully so.

They were speaking, of course, of the criticism Mitt Romney made against the Obama administration.

Oh, and four Americans were murdered in Libya or something.

We knew that the Arab Spring would bring about a period of transition and instability. Welcome to the Arab Fall, where we are now learning exactly how weak and powerless these new governments are in maintaining any security. The only thing more disturbing than the Obama administration’s fumbling of the ball on this is how quickly and how loyally the liberal mainstream media defends the administration against any criticism.

President Obama initially took a soft power approach toward the Middle East, hoping that by being sensitive and understanding, he could convince the majority of Muslims that (in spite of billions in foreign aid given every year) the United States was not their enemy. He did this to set himself apart from his predecessor’s perceived hard power approach.

Evidently, that soft power approach has failed. The O’Reilly Factor laid out the facts last night.

You would think this would warrant a discussion about U.S. foreign policy, especially in an election year. (Not to mention the thousands that have been killed by the brutal Assad regime in Syria due to the lack of foreign military support the rebel uprising has received there.) That didn’t even cross the liberal mainstream media’s mind. They were too busy focusing on the truly more alarming crisis.

As John Podhoretz of the New York Post rightfully points out:

"Apparently, it is the view of much of the mainstream media and foreign-policy establishment that discussing these horrific events in the course of the presidential campaign is monstrous.

"One might think that these custodians of the public good would wish the discussion to be of nothing else. The United States and its representatives abroad have been attacked, and in a manner that threatens to spread like wildfire. You’d think everyone would agree it’s time to talk foreign policy.

"Oh, no. In the precincts of America’s Most High, the worst evil done yesterday was Mitt Romney daring to broach the subject and use it to criticize President Obama’s foreign policy."


While most Americans were horrified by the sight of dead American civilians and wondering what would be done about it, the liberal mainstream media and blogosphere were fixated on how this could look bad for the Romney campaign. Wow.

Not to mention the other foreign policy blunders this administration has had, including throwing our eastern European allies under the bus by reneging on our BMD commitments in a failed attempt to get Russia onboard with Iranian sanctions, isolating our allies in Israel through this administration’s Western settlement policies, and promising Putin more "flexibility" after the election.

And Romney’s the one who’s “not ready to be president?” If there’s anything Obama has taught us, it’s that apparently no experience is necessary.

As far as the liberal mainstream media’s role in this, Podhoretz eloquently sums it up: “This was an effort — not entirely conscious — to make it illegitimate for Romney to criticize the president’s foreign policy at a moment when foreign policy has suddenly taken center stage. But that’s exactly when such a debate should take place — because it’s when the public will actually pay attention.

That is not what The Most High want — a debate. What they want is for Obama to be re-elected. And they’ll use the tools at their disposal to achieve their aim. 

…. So it appears one politician can say what he likes and the other can’t. Because, you know, there’s an election to win, and the self-appointed referees are also the fans.”