Chris Mosier Becomes First Transgender Athlete to Pose for ESPN's Body Issue


Chris Mosier made history by becoming the first trans athlete ever to pose for ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue — and the photos are stunning. Mosier, a world champion level duathlete, also spoke to ESPN about being the "first known out transgender athlete to qualify for a U.S. national team" and about becoming comfortable with his body.

"I have wanted to be in the Body Issue for over a year," Mosier told ESPN in a video interview. "I think the reason I felt so inspired to do it is that I'm finally at a place where I feel very comfortable with my body. And as a trans person, being in a body that didn't really fit me for 29 years, now I feel very comfortable in my own skin."


Mosier also opened up about what it means to be a history-making trans athlete at the same time that trans rights are being denied in some parts of the United States. "There are certainly parts of our country that are really struggling with understanding that they should treat all people with dignity and respect," Mosier said. "That was one of the reasons I was very proud to qualify for my second national team in North Carolina, of all places — being a state that is not very trans-friendly."

To read Mosier's full interview and to see some photos from the upcoming Body Issue, visit ESPN's website. The Body Issue hits newsstands July 8.

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