One Potentially Uncomfortable Way to Get a Wilder Sex Life

Nothing spices up a sex life like smacking your head on the ceiling.

That's the lesson learned by residents of tiny homes, who told Cosmopolitan about their adventures in low-ceiling sex. As a concept, life in a tiny house sounds great: There's not a ton of extra room, so you live minimally. And you pretty much live in a cross between a cabin in the woods and a soapbox derby car; a high-design trailer home. But when your bed is lofted with little overhead room, riding your partner could cause a concussion, and missionary might feel more like sex in a sarcophagus.

So you must get creative.

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For instance, the stairs leading up to a lofted bed are like a choose-your-own-adventure of doggy-style sex heights. Some homes have handles and holds all over the ceilings and walls (used to hoist yourself up into a lofted bed). You could probably swing from them — not that you'd need to, but the addition of something to hold onto would be a godsend in a regular bedroom. A tiny home has them in spades.

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"Use the features of the house," Alex Gore, co-founder of the tiny home-building F9 Productions design firm, told Cosmopolitan. "You have a lot of unique opportunities."

Unique opportunities is an awfully sugary way to say "wild sex," but he's right: If you can't utilize your easy, exhausted-on-a-Tuesday-night positions that require a full-size floor plan, you need to think outside the box spring.

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The subjects of the Cosmopolitan story said it wasn't always easy. Shower sex is probably out of the cards. Privacy is a little harder to come by. And being especially tall makes almost anything — not just sex — an aggravating endeavor. "That particular loft was pretty small," explains Ryan Adams, who built his own, vaulted-ceilinged tiny home, but not before living in one too compact for his tall frame. "The ceiling was very low and I did feel like that had a physical impact on actualizing sex, at least for me as a tall person."

But one thing is for sure: Your sex life would never be boring. And if that's more important to you than space to put all your shit, maybe it's time to embrace the 100-square-foot life.

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