Obama vs Romney: 5 Reasons Why an Obama Victory Would Be a Total Disaster


I am deeply concerned that many Americans have not considered what will happen in this country if Barack Obama is reelected president. The idiocy of the convention process and the presidential campaign resulted in a diversion of sorts. Personal attacks and straw man suppositions about each of the candidates are overwhelming the more important issues that face this country. 

If the incumbent wins, the following five areas will create severe problems as American exceptionalism is deemphasized and socialistic dogma becomes the driving force behind the renewed administration.

1. Congressional stagnation

Obama’s inability to be an effective leader has hurt our country greatly and resulted in a poisonous atmosphere on Capitol Hill. The feuding that his policies and attitudes have engendered will worsen if he is reelected. There is no chance that Democrats will gain control of the House and obtain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. The president will have to govern by fiat using regulations and other ploys that circumvent the authority and responsibilities of our legislators. Frankly, he will never be able to work with Republicans after the damage he created during the last four years.

2. Class warfare

Obama decided many months ago that he was going to exploit the 99 percent/1 percent economic split in the country because it gave him a significant political advantage. If most of the country considered themselves have-nots, he believed he would be able to implement his a socialistic agenda. According to Obama, improving the lot of the 99% must be financed by the diminution of the 1%. A more productive social agenda would be to elevate the 99% in ways that would be good for all Americans. Obama chose to demonize the affluent and target their legitimate accumulation of wealth. The overriding source of additional funding for bigger government is always more taxation on the rich. The fact that the affluent already pay the lion’s share of taxes in the country makes no difference to Obama. His mantra of “paying one’s fair share” has been twisted and distorted to fuel populist sentiment that has divided our country. The backlash from the affluent will be strong and impactful if Obama is reelected. Resistance will come in the form of destructive congressional obstruction. So long as Democratic emphasis is on increased taxes and not a combination of less spending and tax reform, the truly needy in the country will be shortchanged.

3. The economy

Obama forced the business community to become cautious and suspicious. His proposals, or lack thereof, caused businesspeople and corporations to shun entrepreneurship and growth. The president’s attitude towards business is puzzling, as a more accommodating perspective would result in jobs for the growing legions of unemployed. But, he cannot accept the fact that countrywide prosperity must include the affluent. The fact of the matter is that there has never been an economic boom that did not benefit the wealthy. The ramifications of a hostile business environment include an anemic stock market that is bad for all investors small and large, fewer employment opportunities, more cautious banks, lower home values, etc. There is no upside to an environment that is not favorable to business.

4. Foreign policy 

How anyone can say the reputation of the U.S. has improved under this president is mindboggling. The outliers, the resentful, the troublemakers have made great strides during the Obama years while our allies have suffered mightily. Iran is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Obama’s tepid and insulting attitude towards Israel, given its belief that Iran represents and existential threat, has empowered Iranian leaders. The development of a nuclear weapon by Iran is becoming an acceptable reality throughout the world because our country has not acted responsibly to prevent this contingency. This does not necessarily mean invasion; no, it refers to diplomacy with teeth in which the U.S. encourages its allies to work together to thwart the threat of nuclear proliferation. Nobody in the world is particularly concerned that Iran may have a nuclear weapon except Israel. Unbelievable! Why hasn’t the U.S. been able to convince the Russians that having an unstable neighbor like Iran with a nuclear capability is a dangerous situation? The same situation exists in North Korea. Diplomatic efforts directed towards China have been a bust. And with North Korea, most countries believe the leaders are maniacal and cannot be trusted with strategic weapons. Around the world, American influence has ebbed, Europe has not asked us to assist in their economic problems, Middle East countries no longer believe the U.S. has any diplomatic pull in the region and so on. And yet, the U.S. continues to ship dollars to Egypt, Libya, and other regimes that are hostile to our interests.

5. Defense

Obama has a two-pronged approach towards defense resulting in a very dangerous situation. He wants to unilaterally decrease our nuclear capability and allow other countries to develop and/or increase their nuclear arsenals. He continues to support Iraq and Afghanistan as both countries do more with nefarious regimes that are, or might be, hostile to American interests. He has wallowed in the Libyan situation where he endorsed a policy to allow non-U.S. commanders to lead our troops. And, he has sat by and allowed the Syrian regime to slaughter innocent civilians. Where is the president? Do other nations know how the U.S. will act when there is violence? I don’t think so. There is no consistency to our foreign policies. Seems to me that our military leaders have no idea how to deal with the administration because they never know whether America is going to be aggressive or passive in any given world conflict.

Democrats had a fine old time poking fun at the Republicans in Charlotte. They surely win the prize for making speeches and having the sharpest tongues in America. But their lead guy has failed miserably over the last four years. Yet, he only talks about how much money Romney has in the bank or how Romney is insensitive to the needy because he is wealthy. What does he have to say about our nation, which has crumbled financially and diplomatically under his “leadership?”

Before you vote for Obama, consider what the country will be like under his continued leadership. Correct, it will be just like it is today, unsatisfactory.