How to make amazing hummus at home — no food processor required


Fall in love with hummus and don't look back. 

The traditional Mediterranean dip won't let you down in the taste or nutrition departments. A spoonful of hummus tastes creamy, slightly nutty, sometimes garlicky or spicy. Nutritionally, a tablespoon of hummus has roughly a gram of protein and fat. 

Spread it on sandwiches, pair it with veggies or pita chips — no matter how you nom it, hummus is yummus. (Sorry, had to.) 


If you make your own hummus, you can quit spending your hard-earned dough on store-bought stuff. You'll save money in the long run, and it tastes light-years better than the paste you'll find in premade tubs. 

Have a food processor? 

Sweet. Pop in a few ingredients, and wham-o: Hummus is yours for the eating (find a simple recipe here). Your snack attack can be solved in a mere five minutes — easy, breezy, beautiful. 

Don't have a food processor? 

No problem. Grab a blender or a mortar and pestle. (The latter method results in more rustic-looking, chunky hummus — good for spreading on toast or sammies, but not great for dipping.) Get the recipes here.

Want silky hummus? 

Removing the skins from the chickpeas results in a smoother hummus. Get the recipe here.

Don't want to buy tahini? 

Substitute Greek yogurt or a nut butter into the mix. Get the recipe here.

Like interesting flavors? 

Consider these five sophisticatedly delicious additions to your hummus: 

1. Black beans and jalapeños, FTW. Get the recipe here.

2. Get figgy with it. Sweet figs are a great complement to tangy hummus. Get the recipe here.

3. Bacon fat is a scrumptious (albeit belly-busting) sub for olive oil. Your diet can start tomorrow — YOLO. Get the recipe here.

4. Beet it, just beet it. Add beets and you'll have a lovely, red-hued hummus. Get the recipe here.

5. Peanut butter and chocolate chips in hummus sounds sacrilegious, but they can transition your hummus from snack time to dessert time. Sweet tooth people, this one's for you. Get the recipe here.