Is Google Calendar Down on June 30, 2016? Nobody Knows Schedule; Twitter Melts Down

Abandon all hope, ye who entered dates here: If you tried to log into your Google Calendar on Thursday morning, you were probably greeted with this intimidating error message.

That's a whole lot of words for somebody who's just trying to figure out when lunch is.

According to the website IsItDownRightNow, Google Calendar went down on June 30, 2016 due to "maintenance." It is currently still down at moment of publication.

An official Twitter account for Google confirmed that Google Calendar was down on Thursday morning — but it did not give an explanation, maintenance or otherwise, for the "service-wide outage."

And Twitter, of course, is freaking out: "Google Calendar" became one of the top trends in the United States on Thursday morning — and it's easy to see why.

Let's hope you didn't have any important coffee dates this morning.


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