Watch Sheiffer Bates Nail 21 'Game of Thrones' Impressions


Sheiffer Bates has already proven that he's the master of the Jon Snow impersonation — the Welsh actor once appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to show off his Jon impression in front of Kit Harrington himself — but, in a new YouTube video, Bates proved that he can impersonate basically every single person in Westeros, living or dead.

In under three minutes, Bates does spot-on voices for everyone from Jamie Lannister to Varys to Samwell Tarly. Of course, some impressions are easier than others ...


Watch the full video below:

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Correction: Friday, July 1, 2016 A previous version of this article stated that Sheiffer Bates delivered his 21 impressions on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'. While the impressions are good enough for late night, they are from a viral YouTube video.