What Happened to Gendry on 'Game of Thrones?' Here's Why He May Be Coming Back


With the dust still settling after the dramatic season six finale of Game of Thrones, it can feel overwhelming to think about all the unanswered questions that will need resolution over the course of what are expected to be the show's final two seasons.

But one big mystery that didn't even get a nod in the sixth season is the fate of Gendry, the former King's Landing rascal and apprentice blacksmith who seems to be the only living heir to the Baratheon line left in Westeros.

Gendry's History

When we last saw Gendry, Ser Davos had just saved his life and helped him escape Dragonstone in a rowboat at the end of the third season — but his story started way, way back in the first season.

We first met Gendry when Ned Stark was in King's Landing, serving as Hand of the King under Robert Baratheon and slowly uncovering the truth about the death of his predecessor, Jon Arryn. Ned realizes that Gendry is Robert's bastard son, but doesn't tell him. When King Robert dies, Gendry's boss at the smithy basically tells him to haul ass out of town, which saves his life when all of Robert's other illegitimate children are murdered.


Gendry heads north with a host of Night's Watch recruits and Arya Stark, who was disguised as a boy named Arry. He and Arya totally bond, and she eventually reveals her true identity to him and helps him avoid being killed by some Lannister soldiers.

Gendry and Arya, along with Hot Pie (remember him!) are taken to Harrenhal as prisoners, spending much of their time there under threat of sadistic torture from a man called The Tickler. After Jaqen H'ghar helps them escape, they are captured yet again — this time by the Brotherhood Without Banners. 

Here's the thing, though: Gendry really loves the Brotherhood. He wants to stay with them forever and be their blacksmith! Too bad they sell him to Melisandre when she comes rolling through with her dark magic.


Melisandre, sneaky witch that she is, takes Gendry back to Stannis' home at Dragonstone and seduces him — then sucks out some of his blood for her magic. It's clear that she knows he has a royal lineage, and she's got plans to kill him and use his "king's blood" to help Stannis. 

But Ser Davos, nice guy that he is, doesn't want that to happen. Davos helps Gendry escape Dragonstone in a dinky rowboat in the dead of night — and that's the last time we saw Gendry.


Here's Why He Might Come Back

With the Baratheon line all-but-extinct (Renly had no heirs, Shireen is dead and Tommen was never even a Baratheon to begin with), Gendry is the only living heir to the former King. That potentially gives him a claim to the throne — which would make him a major player in the coming seasons. He is also the rightful heir to the Baratheons' castle, Storm's End.

Adding to Gendry's plot relevance is that he proved himself to be one of Arya's closest allies over the course of the series — and, with Arya back in Westeros, it would be totally satisfying to see the two of them team up again. Plus, if they ever married (squee!), they would officially unite the Baratheon and Stark houses, something that both families have been attempting to arrange 

Here's Why We Might Never See Him Again

Gendry could very well be dead. We haven't really seen or heard of him in two seasons, and when Davos sent Gendry off in a rowboat, he mentioned that he doesn't know how to swim. He could have drowned trying to get back to King's Landing, which would mean that the Baratheon line is officially dead and the Game of Thrones creators are off the hook when it comes to Gendry's storyline. 

But Gendry got a little too much attention in the shows' first three seasons to have an offscreen death — so it seems likely that he'll return to the story somehow.

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