Seth MacFarlane Hosts Saturday Night Live Season Premiere: Frank Ocean and John Mayer SNL Musical Guests


"Live from New York it's Saturday night!" America has heard those words at 11:30 pm for 37 years, and this Saturday that infamous phrase will usher us into the 38th season of Saturday Night Live. A show that thrives on the humor of politics, SNL will have no shortage of material in these early weeks. And with news that the casting of Barack Obama has undergone a switcheroo (no more Fred Armisen, make room for Jay Pharoah) audiences are in for a new SNL spin on politics.

The season premiere will kick off with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane in the host role, and Frank Ocean as musical guest. Frank Ocean is apparently bringing his own musical guest which will be John Mayer. 

With politics in the forefront of everyone's minds it is safe to assume audiences will be in for a very heavy helping of political satire. With Jay Pharoah in the role of Barack Obama, the question remains of who will be starring in the roles of the rest of the political big wigs? 

Reprising his roles as both Joe Biden and Mitt Romney is Jason Sudeikis ... if you notice, the two characters are never in a sketch together, for obvious reasons. 

As for new-comer Paul Ryan, the verdict is still out. The most popular front-runners are Taran Killam and Bill Hader. 

The political leading ladies are a bit more of a wild card: Maya Rudolph often returns to portray the first lady. Ann Romney, often portrayed by Kristen Wiig, will need a new actress in her role. Wiig left the show last season. We'll have to wait for Saturday night to see who will take on the role of Mrs. Mitt. 

With a summer of material to work with, these actors will have their work cut out for them. We'll just have to tune in to see which of the millions of gaffes they take on in their season premiere. 

Saturday Night Live premieres Sept. 15 at 11:30 pm on NBC.