Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Are Officially Trolling Us All


It would appear that Tom Hiddleston hearts T.S.

We know this because he was spotted wearing an "I Heart T.S." tank top over the weekend at Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party, which took place in an ocean of celebrities.

While Hiddleston's shirt makes it very clear that he hearts T.S., it is less clear what "T.S." actually means. Some possibilities include Top Soil, Tom Selleck or the 1986 film True Stories.

The shirt could also be referring to pop recording artist Taylor Swift! This theory would be supported by the past few weeks of romantic comedy-esque new relationship behavior, in which Tom and Taylor have been spotted making out everywhere from Rhode Island to England to Rome.

It's also possible that Hiddleston's over-the-top clothing choice indicates that the relationship of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston is not a real relationship at all. Instead, some believe that the pair is merely starring in a long-form music video set for release later this summer. That would explain why their paparazzi photos look cinematic AF, and why the real Taylor Swift hasn't said a peep about Tom Hiddleston on social media. 

But no matter what the truth of Hiddleswift is, one thing is clear: Tom Hiddleston — and/or the character Tom Hiddleston is playing in a long-form music video — really, really hearts T.S. In case you hadn't quite figured it out yet.

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