Can Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Really Give You an Orgasm?


A classic love song goes, "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!" But here's an idea for a new song: "When the laser hits your vagina during a routine laser hair removal session, that's an orgasm!"

At least that's the story of one anonymous woman who recently wrote for Glamour about her very uncomfortable — or perhaps very comfortable, depending on how you look at it — experience with laser hair removal. She reported that everything was going fine when the technician applied the laser to her armpits, but once the laser migrated down to her pink canoe, it felt so good that she worried she might have a spontaneous O:

I focused on my breathing and thought about how it'd all be over soon... My mind started to race. Do I say anything? I thought. And then, Can she tell I'm getting hot and heavy? Obviously, there are some physical signs that signal you're about to get off, and frankly, I started to get self-conscious. The sensation eventually became so intense that I almost kicked her in the face!

The anonymous almost-comer said that she was able to get the technician to slow down before things got out of hand and she had a full-on lasergasm. "I literally had to shut my legs and put my foot back on the table because I was about 10 seconds away from orgasming," she said.

But her tale raises the question: Is this a thing? Can an innocent lil' laser hair removal trip really result in such intense, albeit unwanted, pleasure?

Sexologist Timaree Schmit thinks so.

"Never heard of that particular stimulus evoking an orgasm, but it's not surprising," she said in an email Tuesday. "For one thing, people use electro-stim [the shorthand term for electro-stimulation, or arousal brought on by electricity] as a source of sexual pleasure in the BDSM community all the time. And given the context of the woman's story, it sounds like a generally very sensual, intense experience that was heavily focused on body regions [like the pubic area] that are full of nerve endings and highly associated with sexual response."

Good to know! This little anecdote adds a whole new layer to the ongoing wax, shave or laser debate.

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