Here’s What Is Officially in Starbucks’ Rainbow Drinks So You Can Order Them Yourself


If you've spent even a modicum of time on the internet in the past few weeks, you've probably come across some variation of a colorful drink off of that supposedly secret, and very viral, Starbucks rainbow menu. The trend kicked off with the #PinkDrink, which was inescapable if you follow any teenager on Instagram. Then came other colors like #GreenDrink and #BlueDrink, until a rainbow was formed. 

Figuring out how to order a #PurpleDrink — a task that seems difficult to do at a coffee shop — no longer requires serious internet sleuthing. Starbucks has released an official guide to making all five of the drinks on the rainbow menu (and none of them involve any coffee). Hopefully this means you'll be able to order them without confusing the barista. There is no guarantee that they will get your name right, though. 

So go ahead, taste the rainbow: The drinks for the most part are healthier than a lot of Starbucks' menu, and definitely more colorful. 

Check out are the official recipes below, courtesy of a Starbucks spokesperson: 

• #PinkDrink: Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refreshers with coconut milk instead of water

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