Does 'Pokémon Go' Use Data? Yes. A Lot of Data. And People Are Pissed


As Pokémon Go rolled out around the world, eager trainers slipped into the shadows of the night, hunting for pokéballs... and flushing away all of their precious data. 

Pokémon Go will use your data, and it's also reportedly a battery suck. The smartphone game requires a strong online connection to play and GPS needs to be enabled. Since this game requires you to go outside, you're likely going to need to step away from a Wi-Fi connection and use your data as you roam around the world in search of Pokéballs. So unless you have an unlimited data plan, catching 'em all could cost you a pretty penny. 

And people are distraught. 

So maybe get the local church's internet password ahead of time. Call your city, see if they can wire fiberoptic cables through your local murals. Sprinkle portable hotspots throughout the neighborhood parks. Or maybe... play in moderation? LOL. 

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