Pot Flour Is the Easiest Way to Turn Any Baked Good Into a Weed Edible


Whipping up a batch of weed-spiked desserts is one of the most subtle — and delicious — ways to consume marijuana. There's no need for bongs, rolling papers or even a place to conspicuously puff away. Cannabis flour makes the process of whipping together an edible even easier.

And so, Reubens was inspired figure out a less-smelly method to incorporate cannabis into his cooking: Weed flour was the answer. The recipe is simple: Reubens grinds marijuana buds to a very tiny size in a coffee grinder. "I have two dedicated $20 coffee grinders, and I grind the shit out of it," Reubens told the Cannabist.

While making weed flour isn't difficult, The Weed Blog warns that the process is time consuming. The blog writes that the marijuana buds used should be "extremely dry, as any moisture could cause mold to grow within the flour once you've stored it."

Cannabis flour can be used just like any other flour, and is particularly ripe for bread and baked goods recipes. The Weed Blog recommends using a blend of half regular flour and half cannabis flour in recipes, so as to not get too stoned.

The world is your oyster: Bake that loaf of brioche with some cannabis flour, if you like, and enjoy a psychedelic grilled cheese. Or just make some classic brownies. Your call.

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