This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Keeps Cersei on the Throne, Thanks to an Unexpected Marriage


The Game of Thrones season six finale ended on a fiery high note for Cersei Lannister, but it doesn't appear like she'll have much time to relish her turn on the Iron Throne. 

(Editor's note: Spoilers ahead for the first six seasons of Game of Thrones.)

After all, Daenerys Targaryen has a huge fleet of ships, along with three dragons, sailing to Westeros as the season closes. 

So how can Cersei — whose only allies in King's Landing are a zombified Mountain, a cunning maester and creepy children with knives — even put up a reasonable fight? Per this Reddit theory from Sam_Stark, she could secure a marriage with someone who could be an unexpected ally: Euron Greyjoy. 

The last we see of Euron, he had taken the Salt Throne from Yara and Theon Greyjoy. However, while he was in the process of being crowned — which included almost being drowned in the ocean, so it took a while — Yara and Theon escaped with a good chunk of the Greyjoy fleet. 

As a result, they beat him at his own plan, which was to bring the fleet to Daenerys and join forces with her — except his pitch to the Mother of Dragons would've also included his hand in marriage. But for Euron, the redditor posits, he could essentially make that same offer to Cersei, who already sits on the Iron Throne and is in serious need of allies. 

"Euron has already made it abundantly clear that he wants to marry into the crown, and Dany has made it clear that she's going to back Yara's claim to the Iron Islands," the user wrote. "Cersei needs more troops if she is ever going to have a hope of defeating Dany, and Euron is the only source left in Westeros with enough troops to make a difference."

A Euron-Cersei pairing would be devastating for Westeros — especially if Euron's character develops in a similarly disturbing way as it does in the books, where he's a larger villainous presence. However, given Cersei's martial history with former king Robert Baratheon, who raped her and fathered over a dozen bastard children, she likely wouldn't be willing to cede power to another would-be ruler. 

Plus, another marriage would get in the way of her ongoing incestuous relationship with Jaime Lannister — though considering his ambivalence at the sight of her on the Iron Throne, the romance could already be doomed. 

But whether or not Cersei and Euron do join forces, the redditor concludes with a telling point on Euron: He should have a larger part to play in the series, considering how late he was introduced. 

"Euron was too big of a plot point this season to just sit on the Salt Throne for the rest of the series," the user concluded. 

Besides, after how Cersei dealt with Robert, it'd be best for Euron if he stays single.  

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