'Big Brother 18' Episode 8 Recap: Live Eviction and Head of Household Competition


Another Big Brother eviction, another lesson learned. 

On Wednesday's episode, Paulie (current Head of Household) won the Power of Veto, pulling his nominee Paul off the block and choosing Victor, the 8-Pack's original target, as the replacement. 

On Thursday, Frank let Paulie know about the 8-Pack. Paulie was surprised to know that the people he's been aligned with had been working in a bigger alliance without him, but wasn't too upset. 


This week, Victor was nearly unanimously voted out. The vote was 9-1 — Paul voted to send Bronte home and everyone else voted for Victor. 

After leaving the house, Victor sat down with host Julie Chen, who called him out for telling everyone in the house all his secrets and plans. When asked if he would have played the game any differently if given the chance, he said he would play it "slightly differently."

Chen then told him that he'd have the chance to return to the Big Brother house via the Battle Back competition. Obviously, Victor was excited, but we haven't seen what that competition looks like yet. 

Head of Household

The episode ended with a tennis-themed Head of Household competition called "Kiss My Ace." Paulie, as the previous Head of Household, could not compete, but the rest of his team could.

To play the game, the houseguests are separated into their four teams and have to bounce a tennis ball one player at a time into a grid of numbers. The goal: Land your ball on the highest number. The person with the lowest number is eliminated each round, and if more than one contestant is tied for last place, they are both eliminated. The last player standing wins.

Bridgette won the competition, making her Head of Household and giving her team, Category 4, immunity for the week. 

The next episode, in which Bridgette will nominate two of her fellow houseguests, airs Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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