Twitter Users Tweet Commitment to Black Lives, and Stars Like Brie Larson Follow Suit


The fatal police shootings of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castiledominated headlines in America this week. The dialogue only intensified after five police officers were shot and killed by two snipers during a protest in Dallas early Friday morning, which prompted some on the conservative right to blame protesters for the violence.

But this is not the type of response that embodies what the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas was about. Instead, if you're white and unsure of how to react to the latest controversial killings, take note of Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson's response on Twitter.

Larson retweeted a message from Broderick Greer, a Memphis-based Episcopalian priest and theologian, who has laid out a simple, but resonant message to show support: "Repeat after me: I am committed to the social, political and economic liberation of black people," he tweets. Larson, in turn, followed suit and retweeted the message.

Other users on Twitter have done the same — including YouTube star Tyler Oakley. It's a straightforward, but effective way to voice support in wake of the recent shootings. 

Additionally, if people — regardless of race — want to help out beyond the social media space, they can contact their congressman or donate to support Alton Sterling's family and the families of the police officers killed in Dallas. 

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