Some Genius Figured Out How to Make Vodka-Soaked Gummy Pokéballs


It's tough to break from attempting to catch them all, but to further fuel your Pokémon Go obsession, consider putting the phone down to whip up a batch of vodka-soaked gummy Pokéballs. 

Your fellow Pokémon-loving pals will positively adore you, and all will marvel at your ability to transform any regular activity into a drunk one. Plus, catching Jigglypuffs when drunk from jiggly snacks seems like a win-win situation. 


One dedicated Imgur user first figured out how to craft these boozy Pokégummies back in 2012, but the recipe has since resurfaced. While the whole process does take a bit of work, you might find the juice is worth the squeeze. (You've been spending hours trying to catch little squirtlely things, so what's the difference?)

To craft your own Vodka Cherry Pokéballs, you will need the following:

— Vodka

Check out the step-by-step instructions, posted on Imgur by user BigEatsBen, below. 

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