'Pokémon Go': How to Get to Level 5 — Fast


Pokémon Go is the augmented reality mobile game that's sweeping the nation (and leading America's unsuspecting teens into horrific situations) and everyone is trying to figure out how to be the best at catching 'em all in the shortest amount of time.

There are actually some easy tips that will help any Pokémon Go player quickly advance to level five (the level at which you can fight gym battles). Allow Mic's very own Pokémon Go experts help you get there with these tips.

Play as much and as hard as possible: Don't pass up a single PokéStop, and pull out your phone every time you feel the vibration that means a Pokémon is nearby and available for capture.

Use that incense: Those pieces of incense you get in your bag when you start out will lure Pokémon to you.

Koji Sasahara/AP

Throw curveballs, literally: Don't just lob those Pokéballs, give them some spin. Do this by wiggling the Pokéball until it shines and then throwing it. This takes a little more experience than a regular toss, so you'll rack up some extra XP, or Experience Points.

Strategize: If you have multiple Pokémon ready to evolve, buy a Lucky Egg and evolve all of them at the same time after using it — that way you'll get twice as many XP.

One of the most important parts of Pokémon Go is getting out there and actually moving around, because the more places you go, the more Pokémon you'll find and the more experience you'll get. 

Of course, you can always cheat the system by attaching your phone to a drone.

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