How to Freeze Bananas for Thick, Creamy and Healthy Smoothies


Every smoothie lover knows the road to a thick and delicious smoothie is paved with frozen bananas. 

Low in fat, a medium banana packs around 3 grams of fiber for roughly 100 calories. And when frozen, bananas have a creamy consistency that's akin to frozen custard, making frozen bananas superior to regular bananas because they make a smoothie thicker (and more satisfying) without adding additional calories. 

Frozen banana newbies, take note: You could make a grave error in the pursuit of smoothie glory, like Twitter user @glitterbxmb

Seriously, how gross is a frozen banana peel? Failing to remove the peels from bananas results in a brownish-black mess. 

Just no.

Forget to peel the fruit before tossing it in the freezer and you'll have to painstakingly scrape off the frozen peel if you want to salvage the banana. But ain't nobody got time for that. 

Level up your smoothie game by taking off the peel before freezing your bananas. 

How to Properly Freeze Bananas: 

Step 1: Peel bananas (peel, peel bananas). 


Step 2: Cut bananas and place them on a parchment paper-lined plate. Place plate in freezer for two hours or overnight. 


Step 3: Transfer frozen bananas to a ziplock bag and store in the freezer until you need a them.



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