This FOX Ad on Trans Rights and Public Bathrooms Will Run The Same Night as Trump's Speech


A television ad raising awareness about the discrimination transgender people often face when using public bathrooms is scheduled to air on FOX News the same night the media outlet is covering Donald Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention. 

Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee, is scheduled to speak on July 21, the last night of the convention, when he is expected to formally accept the presidential nomination. 

The minute-long ad — a joint initiative by the Movement Advancement Project, Freedom for All Americans Education Fund and the Equality Ohio Education Fund — features transgender woman Alaina Kupec trying to use the women's bathroom in a restaurant before being blocked by one of the employees, relegating Kupec to the men's bathroom instead. Two female bystanders intervene and usher Kupec into the women's restroom with them. 

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

The ad is a direct reference to the controversial HB2 bill in North Carolina, which mandated people use the public bathrooms that correspond with their gender at birth. The bill sparked national debate, generating public outrage across large swaths of the population. 

While the likely GOP nominee, Trump, has previously stated he believes HB2 should not have been passed, he has an abysmal record of supporting LGBTQ rights: He referred to the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage as "shocking" and vowed to overturn it as president, should he win. 

It is no coincidence the ad was scheduled to run the same night as his speech.

The full ad can be seen here: 

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