'Pokémon Go' Can Be Used to Catch Cheating Boyfriends, Hero Woman Figures Out


Two can play at this game.

Pokémon Go has swamped the news cycle, having completely disrupted daily life in the few short days it's been around. It's bringing people together, yes, but it's also tearing them apart. Case in point: The sad tale of Evan Scribner, whose girlfriend used the game to bust him "canoodling with an ex-flame," according to the New York Post

Scribner told the Post that he'd engaged in a little post-coital Pokémon play, opening the app to catch a bat-like creature. But, because Pokémon Go tracks users' catches through geolocation, Scribner's ex was able to see exactly where he'd trapped that bat when she later looked at his phone. Scribner lives in Sunnyside Heights, Queens; his ex lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn; girlfriend connected the dots.

"She saw that I had caught a Pokémon while at my ex's house," he told the Post. "She found out last night [Sunday night] at my house and hasn't contacted me since then."


Having surpassed Tinder in popularity since its launch, Pokémon Go is serving as a replacement dating app for some. It's also created quite a few widows and widowers, if online testimony is anything to go off. Usually, abandonment follows when people get so wrapped up in the game, they go sprinting off in pursuit of nearby Snorlaxes in the middle of or on the way to couples' activities.

But as this hero woman demonstrates, it's also because some guys just can't help themselves. They've gotta catch 'em all, whatever the cost.

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