'Pokémon Go' Allows Users to Use Gender-Fluid Avatars — And Gamers Are Loving It


Pokémon Go is letting its users find and catch Pokémon through gender-fluid avatars, according to the Independent — and gamers love it.

When players create their avatars, they're given the option to choose between two styles, as opposed to asking players to choose between genders. Then players are allowed to customize their avatars' physical appearances and fashion. This allows a lot of players who aren't on the gender binary to actually create an avatar that looks like them.

Perhaps this option was born out of a direct request from gamers. Months ago, Pokémon fans created a petition addressed to Nintendo to request the addition of an "other" gender option.

"People identify with many more genders than this binary question suggests," the petition said. "Some are gender-fluid, switching between genders; nonbinary, identifying as a third gender; or agender, identifying with no gender at all. There are many more identities than just the three listed as examples."

Kudos to Pokémon for recognizing the many genders of gamers.

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