Samuel L. Jackson Recapping 'Game of Thrones' Is the Thing You Never Knew Your Life Needed


Trying to explain several seasons' worth of Game of Thrones to the uninitiated is an arduous task. There's no easy way to comb through all the complex family dynamics, while also mentioning all the ice zombies and dragons. But to those who want a quick explainer, a Samuel L. Jackson recap of all things, is a great way to get up to speed. 

HBO released Tuesday a "beginner's guide" to Game of Thrones in which Jackson tries to be as concise as possible with the show's backstory in under 10 minutes, dropping f-bombs along the way. More importantly, he doesn't want you to be fixated on Daenerys' dragons. 

"The first thing you need to know about this world is — no, not dragons," Jackson begins. "Don't worry about the dragons. Focus. The seasons in this place last a ridiculously long time so when we start this everyone has just come out of a long, long summer. So let's just say they ain't too happy about winter coming." 

Jackson hits all the important points: Nobody seems concerned about the White Walkers, despite the fact that they're apocalyptic ice zombies; the Lannister's are an incestuous mess; Joffrey is a huge prick; and the Starks have a really hard time staying alive. 

Sadly, Jackson doesn't have much time to talk about some of the show's most epic battles — but it's clear the Massacre at Hardhome is his personal favorite. But considering what he does succinctly cover, it's a satisfying recap that gives away just enough to draw more viewers to show. 

As for those still interested in the dragons? Well, he's *happy* to oblige. 

You can check out Jackson's full, uncensored recap below.

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