Gucci Mane Releases 2 New Songs on SoundCloud: "Guwop Home" and "Multi Millionaire Laflare"


Since returning from his nearly three-year stint in an Indiana federal penitentiary, Gucci Mane has been hard at work preparing the release of his new album, Everybody Looking. Tuesday, in anticipation of next week's hotly anticipated LP, the Atlanta-based rapper dropped two new tracks on SoundCloud: "Guwop Home," featuring Young Thug, and "Multi Millionaire Laflare."

The two songs make up his third delivery of fresh music since his release in late May, following "First Day Out Tha Feds" and "On Me," featuring a posthumous Tupac appearence.  

The rapper also released a music video for "Guwop Home" Wednesday. By the looks of it, he's settled right back into the luxury lifestyle he's been boasting in his raps since his first release, 2005's Trap House.

The steady release of new hits isn't exactly a comeback, however — Gucci Mane has been consistently releasing new music from behind bars, including the three-album trilogy of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

His latest album isn't the only thing Gucci Mane has been focusing on since returning home, however. The artist was featured on Kanye West's "Champions" off his upcoming Cruel Winter album, he's launched a Snapchat to reconnect with fans and is readying a fashion line called Delantic. 

Once the most prolific rapper in the game, always the most prolific rapper in the game.

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