The Failing Presidency of Barack Obama: Why Rhetoric Against Bush, Iran, and Affluent People Will Lose Him the Election


In my lifetime, no president has been as resistant to assuming responsibility than Barack Obama. From day one, he has found others to blame for his missteps and inability to bring America back to its glory days. A president must be prepared to personalize the problems of the nation, even problems that developed long before he took office.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama attributed the growing economic crisis to his predecessor. Nevertheless, after assuming office, the new president adopted some of the measures of George W. Bush that helped him stem the economic tsunami; these included stimulus and government intervention into several “too big to fail” companies. Interestingly, for four years, this same president continues to refer to Bush on a regular basis (unkindly). Obama has been on the job long enough to have proven whether he is the right man to turn the economy around. But, he hasn’t and justifies his dismal performance by blaming Bush’s policies for his inadequacies.

Obama’s blame game includes a relentless class warfare agenda. He conveniently lays blame on the affluent for all the economic problems of the day as if it were a crime to be successful. “Fat cat bankers,” “paying one’s fair share,” “tax evaders,” “outsourcers” and such are peppered into all of Obama’s economic speeches. The president has, in effect, encouraged Americans to discriminate against the “1%” in a way that is reminiscent of other recognizable forms of bigotry. To elevate his crusade to move America to the left, he targets exceptionalism and capitalism.

Candidate Obama spoke out endlessly about the war in Iraq. He attributed the loss of lives and treasure to Bush and the Republicans. But, it took Obama three years to “end” the war. Ironically, this was accomplished by “surging” more troops into Iraq and then setting a withdrawal date, so the enemy could plan more effectively. The result is an Iraq immersed in civil war, an Iraqi leader who gets closer to our sworn enemies every day and continued financial aid that is never reported by the press. Who is to blame for the Iraqi debacle? Obama says Iran, insurgents, Bush, Cheney and the Republican Congress.

In Afghanistan, a similar and much longer kabuki dance is taking place. There is no end to this conflict. The Taliban are reassuming power and religious radicalism is stronger than ever. Who is to blame? Iran, Israel, Pakistan, insurgents, etc. Oh, Bush too.

Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. Really it is. In fact, many believe that Iran is several months away from having weapons grade uranium. The centrifuges have been spinning non-stop. What has Obama done? He talks tough but has not made any meaningful progress in negotiating a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Iran is developing an “existential” weapon, which is diametrically opposed to the U.S. policy of not allowing Iran to develop such a weapon. Who is to blame? Russia, Israel, religious zealots and Congress. And Bush.

The Islamic world is looking for reasons to hate, and shamefully attack American embassies and diplomats. A stupid, irrelevant movie clip caused thousands of Muslims to kill and riot in several Middle East countries. Where is the Islamic outrage as Assad kills thousands of innocents? Sorry, this is fodder for another essay.

Who does Obama blame for Islamic protests against the U.S.? Well, Israel, of course and some no-name, two-bit clown who produced the movie. The liberals keep saying America’s relationship with Islam is improving. Really?

And what about government paralysis during Obama’s 4-year tenure? For sure, the Republican House has fought the president tooth and nail. But why? Obama says these legislators want to end Social Security, beat down the needy, take food out of the mouths of babies, etc. America will not stand for such outright warfare against any class of Americans (unless they are affluent, of course).

Mr. President, Republicans want to care for all Americans, but they want to do it with thoughtful assistance that is not wasteful, and in a way such that it does not bankrupt the country.

Congress has obstructed the president at every turn, thankfully. Why has this occurred? It is not because Republicans are “mean;” it is because Obama is incapable of leading. He has not been able to find common ground with anyone who disagrees with his grand plan to redistribute wealth in this nation. This phenomenon is so unlike past presidents who were able to compromise with the opposition. Yet, Obama assigns all the blame to Republicans.

If Americans would only be receptive to the truth, Obama would be defeated handily in November. But, the diehards are still waiting for their political Messiah to perform miracles. Obama is not the “promised one;” he has been unable to move America forward. And, he does not accept responsibility for his failures. Obama is a great “Blame Game” player. The voters should recognize this and end his rule.