You Can Now Get Engaged to Yourself, Thanks to the Jewelry Brand Fred + Far

People (who aren't you) suck. They're rude, dumb and generally just bad. Why would you ever want to marry one of them?

Well, good news: Now you don't have to. Instead, you can propose to yourself with these new "self-love pinky rings" from Los Angeles jewelry brand Fred + Far. "When you wear a Fred + Far Self-Love Pinky Ring, you pinky promise to choose yourself, honor yourself and remember yourself on a daily basis," the product description reads.

Each ring even comes with a set of written commandments that you must sign to commemorate the fact that, much like songstress Hailee Steinfeld, you love yourself and don't need anyone else.

The cost of committing to a lifetime of self-love is $325 for gold and $150 for sterling silver.

Not bad! This is significantly cheaper than the $485 pair of shoes that Carrie Bradshaw infamously registered for at Manolo Blahnik in her own marriage ritual-inspired declaration of self-love on Sex and the City.

When it comes to writing the actual wedding day vows, we recommend the following lyrics from Christina Aguilera's 2010 self-love anthem "Vanity": "And now I take myself to be my lawfully wedded bitch."

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