Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Gets a Stunning Remake From a Transgender Performer

This is one "Lemonade" remake that is truly ***flawless. 

Shot in only 16 hours, the remake of Beyonce's film "Lemonade" stars Miss_Shalae, a Beyoncé impersonator and recreates some of the most iconic scenes — including the videos for "Hold Up," "Freedom," "Sorry" and "6 Inch." 

"Thank you Beyoncé for being such an amazing artist and inspiration," Miss_Shalae wrote in the Facebook post accompanying the video. 

The video has the iconic "hot sauce" bat and yellow dress from "Hold Up." 


It recreates the anthemic "Freedom." 


Ditching Beyonce's bus for the sunroof of a truck, she throws her middle fingers up for "Sorry." 


And she enlists backup dancers to help her out for "6 Inch." 


This is not the first time a transgender woman of color has publicly shown her love for Beyoncé. In 2015, author Janet Mock spoke about how Beyoncé incited her feminist awakening and defended "Lemonade" after author bell hooks criticized it for embracing femininity.  

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