Watch 4 Black Lives Matter Myths Get Debunked by Franchesca Ramsey


You know, they say a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on. In the internet age, that is even more true — especially when it comes to Black Lives Matter. 

To combat the half-truths, myths and flat-out lies that pop up in discussions around Black Lives Matter, Franchesca Ramsey of MTV News's Decoded debunked four of the greatest myths about BLM. 

Myth #1: Black Lives Matter needs to talk more about black-on-black crime. 

As Ramsey points out, this assumes that the black community doesn't care about gun violence, which is flat-out wrong — she even points to organizations like CeaseFire in Chicago that intervenes in gang fights. 


But #BlackLivesMatter isn't only about loss of black life, Ramsey says. It's also about the lack of consequences when black lives are taken at the hands of police. 

Also, Ramsey adds, black-on-black crime is not a thing. Just like 84% of white Americans are killed by white people, so are a super majority of black Americans killed by black people. It's because black and white communities are still segregated in America. 


Myth #2: People who say Black Lives Matter are saying police lives don't matter. 

Police officers' lives do matter, Ramsey points out. That's why, if you were to kill a police officer, you'd be arrested and tried. That's not always the case when a cop kills a person of color — many cops who kill black people in America don't even get indicted, let alone go to trial. 


The other problem with the argument, Ramsey contends, is that it equates a police officer — a profession — with someone's race or gender, which are categories a person is born into. 


Myth #3: People who say Black Lives Matter mean ONLY Black Lives Matter. 

Saying "Black lives matter" doesn't mean other lives don't matter, it's that black lives should matter the way other lives do, Ramsey says. 


"Black lives should matter, but the way that our justice system, our media and our police have been operating, it suggests they do not," Ramsey said. 


Myth #4: Black lives matter doesn't care about the white victims of police violence! 

Yes, there are more white victims of police violence, Ramsey says, but proportionally, black people are 2.5 times more likely to fall victim to police violence. 


"Police violence is a problem in many communities, but bringing up other victims to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement is pretty disingenuous," she says. 


You can watch the full video below.

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