Donald Trump Accused Elizabeth Warren of "Fraud" — And She Had the Perfect Response


Jesus, someone call the NewYork-Presbyterian Burn Center, because Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) just went in on Donald Trump. (And not for the first time, either.)

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted about a potential Hillary Clinton slash Elizabeth Warren presidency. 

But apparently the school yards of Massachusetts prepare you for arguments like this, because Warren came back. Hard.


It takes a bold person to call his opponent a fraud, when, as a businessman with fraud skeletons lining his fraud closet, his own missteps are easier to find online than a stolen Netflix password.

According to CNN, there are three separate lawsuits — two federal class-action, one state — against Trump and his properties. Altogether, the cases represent thousands of former Trump University students, accusing the university of deception, false advertising, weird teacher up-sells — like $10,000 "mentorships" — and no actual school accreditation.

"This is straight up fraud," New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, leader of a $40 million civil suit, told MSNBC, according to CNN.

Warren wrapped her riposte with something a little more on the nose. If this were the lunch room, Trump would need to find a new seat.


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