Elon Musk Just Hinted at the Future of Tesla in a New Mission Statement

Elon Musk, basking in the afterglow of the Falcon 9 rocket launch, is now back to work on his "Top Secret Tesla Masterplan."  

And a change in Tesla's mission statement may be a sign of times to come. As Bloomberg pointed out, the statement changed from "sustainable transport" to "sustainable energy."

Musk teased in a tweet last week that Tesla Motors' acquisition of SolarCity, a company that installs solar panels, could have something to do with his super-secret hush-hush work-in-progress master plan. 

And now, with the mission statement conveniently edited to break Tesla Motors from the confines of its vehicle identity, it's likely the plan will involve a nod to its new mission — energy. 

As we pointed out last week, this could take the form of a sustainable energy trifecta available to consumers under the Tesla umbrella — an economical bundle of rooftop panels (thanks SolarCity), a home-based battery and an electric vehicle. 

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