There's a Dainty Pink "Smartphone for Women" — So Women in Tech Roasted the Hell Out of It


Silicon Valley is disproportionately white and male — a skewed demographic that's resulted in things like pathetic anti-harassment tools, a fake app called Titstare at TechCrunch Disrupt, half-naked "booth babes" at gadget conferences and an industry that consistently perpetuates harmful stereotypes

Thanks to those stereotypes, we now have a sexist new product no one asked for: a dainty, pink phone for our tiny lady hands. Introducing the Keecoo K1, a "smartphone for women."

The smartphone for women is pink. It takes great selfies. It takes into consideration "the small hands of women." And thank the tech overlords our diminutive lady fingers are powerful enough to stroke our keyboards, because women just dragged this smartphone to the layer of hell where all delicate, bejeweled, pink devices go to burn. 

The women have spoken. Let these delightful headlines from female writers be a PSA for the next tech company toying with the idea of developing a female-first phone: don't. 

"Even My Tiny Female Hands Can Grasp How Dumb This Smartphone for Women Is" (New York)

"Finally Somebody Made a Girly Phone to Fit My Pathetic Lady Hands" (Gizmodo)

"The Major Problem With This Smartphone Made 'for Women'" (Refinery29)

"This Sexist Company Invented a Smartphone Just for Women" (AlterNet)

"This Smartphone Is Surrounded by Lipstick and Makeup, So of Course It's Just for Women" (Daily Dot)

"A 'Smartphone for Women' Exists and It's Majorly Offensive" (HelloGiggles)

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