Poke Radar Helps You Find Which Pokémon Are in Your Neighborhood Without Leaving the Couch


There's already a Yelp service for Pokémon and a TaskRabbit for catching Pokémon. Now there's a Google Maps clone for finding Pokémon.

Poke Radar lets "Pokémon Go" players submit Pokémon locations on a global map — the crowdsourced effort allows players to visualize the Pokémon in their neighborhood without moving a damn muscle. You can also search for specific Pokémon if you never want to see another Zubat again. 

Poke Radar

While Poke Radar is a blessing for thirsty trainers, it's not without its flaws. The site is unsurprisingly experiencing heavy traffic, so there's a chance it'll be a bit buggy. And where there is internet, there are trolls.

"A tool like this that's open and driven by the community is sure to have the uncaring few that submit fake locations to waste others' time," the site notes. But you can downvote unreliable submissions to help strip the platform of frauds. 

You can feast your eyes on Poke Radar here.

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