How to Make Money With 'Pokémon Go' by Selling Your Account


Trainers are selling their Pokémon Go accounts on eBay for upward of thousands of pounds, according to the Guardian. One account sold for £7,300, which converts to more than $9,500. 

So if you've been frolicking about town catching 'em all and are looking to cash in on your hard-earned monsters, here's what the highly coveted Pokémon Go account sold was equipped with. 

- You're going to need to achieve a high level — the account that sold for more than $9,500 was at Level 23. 

- You will also need to catch a ton of Pokémon — the aforementioned Pokémon Go account had 119. 

- Your account will likely get more bids if your Pokémon have high combat power. Nobody will make it rain for Pidgey and Zubat — you'll want to sell a Pokémon Go account with the rare gems, i.e. Dragonite, Charizard and Pikachu. 

Fair warning for those looking to buy a Pokémon Go account — buying/selling accounts goes against the app's terms of service, so you run the risk of having the account disabled. And hey — cheating your way to the top could cost you friendship, and maybe even in love

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