Liberal Redneck Returns to Expose the Hypocrisy of Hating Black Lives Matter

Trae Crowder just released a new video Tuesday, and this time he's pointing out a big hypocrisy: The "redneck" community hates the Black Lives Matter movement despite its own long history of violence with the police.

He refers to the television series Cops and mentions how the show often targets civilians in white-working class neighborhoods in trailer parks and other rural areas. He also said that as someone who's been surrounded by rednecks his entire life, he has never heard anyone make positive remarks about the police. 

"I think that responding to [Black Lives Matter] with All Lives Matter would be sort of like telling Susan G. Komen chill it without the pink shit on the account of all cancer sucks," Crowder said. "The last part is true, but it ain't really the fucking point."


"I've been surrounded by rednecks my whole life," Crowder said. "I have never seen one of them react positively to sudden police presence. Though, to be fair, it's sort of hard to stay positive when you think your midget mud wrestling tournament is about to get shut down."

Crowder then calls out the silence among the redneck community and gun rights organizations when innocent black men are killed for legally carrying firearms.

"But imagine for a second instead of busting us for trying to sell our food stamps for weed money, they were busting our heads open for resisting arrest — one of our favorite past times by the way. Or if they were murdering rednecks in front of kids, because we had a gun in the truck ... which we always do."


He points out that most gun owners in his community would say they own firearms in case they have to fight against oppressing forces, but they are silent when it affects other groups.

"Rednecks love guns and if you ask them why, one of the most common answers will be because they need them in the event of oppression from a tyrannical government," Crowder said. "But when a group of people who deals with that kind of oppression on a day-to-day basis carries firearms and pay with their lives for it, we're nowhere to be found."


Crowder said he's not advocating for the use of violence against law enforcement, and makes the point to say the recent killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge are from "deeply disturbed outliers" that are not representative of Black Lives Matter.

Crowder digs in deep at the end of his three-minute video: he hints that the redneck community doesn't empathize with Black Lives Matter because anti-black racism is prevalent among their communities.


"My point is that I would have hoped that rednecks of all people could have empathized with this whole thing, but we don't and I wonder why," he said. "Just kidding, I don't wonder. Nobody does. Because everybody knows the reason — and that's sort of the whole problem."

Watch the video in full below:

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