Moving Toward A More Dynamic Higher Ed System


A confession: I love liberal arts. I am fascinated by, and passionate about, literature, science, mathematics, social sciences, and philosophy, which I studied as an undergraduate. I have always loved school, and I loved college even more. If I could get paid to be a professional student, it would be my dream career. My liberal arts education has made my life invariably richer and more rewarding.

Even though the world demands a variety of skills and benefits from a variety of personalities and interests, the American education system is decidedly uniform. There is one degree, the Bachelor’s degree, to rule them all, and anything short of that degree means not having access to the middle class. A more dynamic post-secondary education system would help students develop skills that prepare them for the marketplace and decrease the college dropout rate. It would also provide some of our neediest citizens — who do not perform well in a liberal arts environment — with an avenue to gain valuable skills that allow them to improve their lot in life. 

Photo Credit: Hobbes vs Boyle