Fall Equinox 2012: The 20 Greatest Things About Autumn


With Labor Day now behind us, it's time to shed our summer brights and fading tans for chunky boots and wool hats. Fall officially starts on Saturday, and if you're still mourning over the end of your summer, here are 20 things to love about the fall to lift your spirits!

1) Cool fall weather

Sweltering heat is never a good look on anyone. As the temperatures drop, your hair thanks you! This also gives you the excuse to buy the great new jacket you have been eyeing.

2) Apples

Grab a bunch of friends and a wagon to load fresh-picked apples in. You can make anything from apple pie and apple crisps to delicious preserves and apple butter.

3) Pumpkins

Find the perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

4) Homemade s'mores

There's nothing better than a perfectly-made s'more by the campfire.

5) Halloween

Halloween pretty much the holiday to celebrate this season. Throw a spooky party, piece together a creative costume, and don't forget that you are never too old for trick-or-treating.

6) Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend time with your family and friends around a fantastic feast. For college students, this is the greatest treat of all as you close the books for a week and take time to return home for the first time since August. 

7) Decorative gourds

Colorful gourds and cornucopias to decorate your home (or dorm room, in my case) put you in the festive fall mood.

8) Fall foliage

The beautiful change in scenery from the yellow, red, brown and orange falling leaves may evoke new annoying chores for you, but while you are out raking, make sure to admire how pretty the foliage is.

You can even make a quick jump into a huge pile of leaves! (We won't tell.)

9) Chunky boots with woolen socks

Really, is there anything better?

10) Blankets

As the weather cools, wrap yourself in warm blankets — perfect for snuggling by the fireplace.

11) Autumn colors

Warm browns, maroons, reds, and oranges look great in all types of clothing this season.

12) Scarves

Unveil your enviable collection of scarves, both practical and fashionable.

13) Layering in your perfect boyfriend style cable-knits

14) Denim

Anything from jean jackets, dip-dyed denim vests, to warm skinny jeans in an array of colors and shades.

15) Fall TV

Fall welcomes the long waited return of all of your favorite shows, as well as the debut of new shows. Look out for Gossip Girl, Modern Family, and Parks & Rec season premieres in September and October.

16) Hot chocolate

Especially with mini marshmallows.

17) Fall flavors at coffee shops

The Starbucks' return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin scones, coffee cakes, and more. Make sure to ask for whipped cream and extra cinnamon!

18) Football (and tailgating!)

19) Camping, minus the bugs

Both of these goes hand in hand, so take advantage of the weather and hike to a scenic waterfall, camp under the stars, and catch some lightning bugs.

20) A new start to the year

Many decide to make resolutions in January, but September is just as good. (Especially as a college student, since you are just beginning classes again!)

This is the season to be grateful and generous, so always keep that in mind when adventuring into this beautiful autumn.