'Big Brother 18' Episode 14 Recap: A Unanimous Eviction and Twists Changed


Wednesday night's episode ended with a classic hair flip from the newly-nominated Da'Vonne. Tiffany, the winner of the Road Kill competition, named her as a replacement nominee after Corey took himself off the block. Neither of the women is taking the situation lightly.

"If she thinks flipping her hair on me if gonna throw me off, she's got another thing coming," Tiffany said. 

"I know she's mad. That's why when I sat next to her I flung my hair. That's shade 101," Da'Vonne said. 

Meanwhile, one pair of lovebirds is fighting. Natalie offered James some slop and he said he was "a grown man" who could make it for himself. "I think this is our first fight," Natalie said. After James apologized, they confessed their feelings for each other. "I think that me and James are BB official!" Natalie announced.

Things aren't looking great for Da'Vonne. Tiffany is going around the house talking about how untrustworthy Da'Vonne is and people are listening. Da'Vonne isn't helping herself — she told James that she wanted to break up all the showmances in the house. James responded by reminding Da'Vonne that he's in a showmance. This obviously put James on edge. 


After three pretty standard farewell speeches, the house voted unanimously to evict Tiffany. She may still end up back in the house, though. She'll fight against the rest of the evicted houseguests: Glenn, Jozea, Victor and Bronte in the Battle Back competition. 

Host Julie Chen asked Tiffany what she would do differently if she could do it over again. "I wouldn't be emotional," she said. "Well, you are Vanessa's sister," Chen said, referring to Big Brother 17 contestant Vanessa Rousso

In her goodbye message to Tiffany, Da'Vonne showed no mercy. In fact, she sang a song. 


All of the previously-evicted houseguests are all shown in their respective sequester homes, talking about how excited they are to get back in the house. Usually when it's time for contestants to get sequestered (when they're waiting to serve on the Big Brother jury), they're all living in the same house. It was surprising to see them all living separately. 

"As of tonight, the team twist is officially over, and with it goes the Road Kill competition," Chen told the current contestants. She told them to get ready for more things to be revealed, and still hasn't told them about the Battle Back twist. That should be a doozy. 

The next episode airs Friday at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS, when the Battle Back competition will be played. 

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