Donald Trump’s RNC Speech Tried to Woo Bernie Sanders Voters — But Bernie Wasn’t Having It


Donald Trump attempted to woo supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders during his Republican National Committee acceptance speech Thursday night — pointing to Sanders' past criticisms of Hillary Clinton and reminding voters that the primary was "rigged" against the Vermont Senator.

But Sanders — who endorsed Clinton in New Hampshire earlier this month — wasn't having any of it, taking aim at Trump on Twitter using the hashtag #RNCwithBernie.

As Trump bashed trade deals that Sanders has also opposed in the past, Sanders pointed out Trump's hypocrisy.

He questioned whether Trump's ominous and autocratic tone was better positioning him as a candidate for president or "dictator."

And he even agreed with Sen. Ted Cruz — who declined to endorse Trump Wednesday night in a prime-time RNC address — saying Trump does not understand the Constitution.

In the end, Sanders vowed that his movement would not get behind Trump in November.

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