If You Hated Trump's RNC 2016 Speech, John Legend Says It's One More Reason to Vote


There are very few things Donald Trump does that are typical. Still on Thursday night, the grand finale of the 2016 Republican National Convention, the now-official Republican nominee gave a speech that still managed to surprise — if only for its length.

John Legend, for one, wasn't having it. On Twitter, the singer said the speech, clocking in at an hour and 15 minutes (the longest since at least 1972, according to the  New York Times), was all the more reason for Americans to hit the polls in November.

"If he loses the election, you will never again have to be yelled at for Trump this long," wrote Legend.

Legend has made his opposition to Trump abundantly clear, in March tweeting at Donald Trump Jr., who mentioned protesters at his father's rally "couldn't even answer" when asked what they were protesting.

"I think they were protesting your racist father," Legend wrote. "This isn't complicated." 

Last month, in a keynote speech at Variety TV's summit, the singer said, "We are in a moment now where we have a major candidate for office that is being very racist and divisive. I feel the need to call that out all the time because I don't want us to feel like it's impossible for our nation to go back to another dark place." 

Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen has also been vocal about her views on the GOP candidate, criticizing Trump for advertising a meeting with black pastors he said wasn't a "press event."

Trump later retweeted a reply to Teigen, calling her a "trashy gutter mouth woman." Teigen said she wasn't bothered by the insults — instead, she and Legend channel them into something positive. "Every time shit like this happens, John and I immediately make another donation to Planned Parenthood," she wrote at the time.

And with nearly four months still left of the 2016 presidential election, it's unlikely Legend and Teigen will hush up about their political opinions any time soon.

Said Legend at the Variety TV summit, "Some people want me to shut up and sing... I can't just sit by and watch."

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