Key Donald Trump Supporter Michael Flynn Retweets Anti-Semitic Account


Retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn, the subject of rampant speculation over his former short-list status for a vice president slot on the Donald Trump ticket, retweeted a white supremacist account's thoughts on Jewish control of the media on Sunday.

Flynn's tweet spurred an immediate, angry reaction from many Twitter users:

Twitter/Mic/Slade Sohmer

The anti-Semitic post in question came from an account operating under the username Saint Bibiana (@30PiecesofAG_), and was responding to a CNN Politics story about the Hillary Clinton campaign team's assertion that Russian hackers deliberately leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee, showing DNC hostility to the Bernie Sanders campaign in order to stir disunity on the left.

The @30PiecesofAG_ account appears to regularly send out racist posts.


A search for the racial epithet, for example, revealed the account had tweeted it at least a dozen times.


Soon thereafter, Flynn explained he had meant to send out just the original CNN Politics story — but that doesn't explain how Flynn ended up on the racist account in the first place. Flynn, who headed the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012 to 2014, surely knows how Twitter works.

In addition to being considered for Trump's V.P. slot, Flynn gave a highly-publicized speech during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Flynn is in inauspicious company. Just weeks ago, Trump himself sent out a tweet featuring a Star of David emblazoned with the words "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!" superimposed upon a photo of Hillary Clinton and a pile of money. A Mic investigation later revealed the image had previously circulated on white supremacist websites.

While Flynn may not have intended to go full-on Gen. Jack D. Ripper, it certainly seems far from a coincidence that supporters of the oft-bigoted Trump campaign keep finding themselves in this situation.

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