Smoochr App Sorts Dating Options by Hair Type, Skin Color — Black Twitter Isn’t Having It


A dating app for black people came under fire on Twitter late Sunday evening for hosting some very problematic preferences. Smoochr, an app which allows you to pick your potential mate based on skin color or hair texture, has some calling the app the "digital paper bag test."

"Discover Black singles by complexion, hair type and more," the description on the app's website says. Missing from the options, however, is ability to select a same-sex pairing.

If the lack of options for LGBTQ people wasn't bad enough, Smoochr users are also able to choose potential mates based on skin tone. The options range from "mocha" all the way to "latte."

Smoochr users are even able to choose a future mate based on lip size. Those options range from thin, to full, "soup coolers" or "duck lips."

So what makes Smoochr different from other Black dating apps? "Most of them are regular dating sites that are just marketed to black people," Smoochr states on its website, according to the Voice. "They don't focus on the black experience in the dating world, so this leads to wasting your time and money, and meeting black singles you really don't have anything in common with."

The app, which trended on Twitter late last night, received criticism from many who couldn't believe Smoochr was a real thing. 

A call to #ShutDownSmoochr hashtag started Sunday night as well. 

Smoochr did not respond to a request for comment.

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