13 Elements of Your Shitty Dating Life You Might Expect to See in the Tinder Movie


The experience of a shitty Tinder date — one that millions of people can relate to — is finally going to be memorialized in film.

The romantic comedy is being developed by Warner Bros. under the name Worst Tinder Date Ever. "The Los Angeles-based story focuses on people who go on a Tinder date that generates several disasters, while the daters fall in love with each other," Variety reports.

That's all we really know about the Tinder movie at this point. (Well, that and the fact that no online dating-themed movie will ever be as good as Must Love Dogs.)  But based on the never-ending parade of Tinder horror stories that pop up on the internet (and in people's real lives) each day, here are a few guesses as to what some of the ingredients of this film will likely include:

1. Confusing and stressful texting patterns.

2. Awkward silence.

3. Unsolicited dick pics.

4. A self-identified "nice guy" who gets very angry in the face of rejection.

5. A "ghosting" and/or "haunting" and/or "benching" scenario.

6. A date-pooping incident.

7. The emotional paralysis that comes from having too many choices.

8. The dreadful feeling that no one on Tinder — or the face of the earth — will ever be capable of both a) meeting all your impossibly high standards, and b) actually loving you back.

9. A catfish!

10. A finance bro.

11. A virgin?

12. A fuckboy.

13. Martin Shkreli.

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